Friday, November 30, 2012

K~Renee Photography in Cleveland

K~Renee Photography is a name that is near and dear to my heart.  In January of 2011 we found out that we we're expecting our third princess.  I knew right away that I wanted to find someone amazing to capture not only the pregnancy, but also the newborn memories of our newest bundle.  I began searching different Cleveland photographers and reviewing some of thier work.  When I came across K~Renee Photography, I was blown away by many breathtaking shots she was able to capture for others and decided to contact her to set up an appointment.  Setting up an appointment was very easy with different day and time options available. 
K~Renee Photography is a small, family owned business that will travel locally to shoot on location or in her home.  We decided to schedule two different photo shoots with K~Renee Photography.  The first was the maternity/family photo shoot that we did on location at Edgewater Park.  The second was at the end of October so we chose to stay indoors and had the session in her home. 
K~Renee Photography was amazing to work with both on location and in her home.  She had multiple different arrangements and props to make both our sessions memorable.  She also has a lot of patience.  My older girls are extremely photogenic and made the first photo shoot go very quickly.  The second photo shoot was a little more lengthy.  We had to stop twice to breastfeed and multiple times because our daughter became fussy.  We never felt rushed the numerous times we had to stop and get the baby calm. 
With both sessions, previews of the work completed was available the evening of the photoshoot.  I was impressed by how quickly she was able to get us online proofs to review and share with family.  Prices are also very reasonable with many different package options. 
Many reasons have made us decide to choose K~Renee for all our future photo sessions.  The quality of work and patience for newborns/children will keep us booking sessions throughout the years. 
To contact K~Renee Photography you can call (440) 465-6108 or you can find her on Facebook, email-


  1. I have worked with her too and she is an amazing photographer! Your girls are adorable

    1. Thanks Amber!! We will only use her from here on out.

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    1. Thanks Sandra!! I love the gift guide on your site.