Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bringing Baby Home Giveaways!

Bringing Baby Home Giveaways!

With our newest bundle of joy being five years younger than our last, there are many changes in parenting and child development research. The biggest change we made is cloth diapering and with that decision came a lot of choices.  So to answer the most common question we've heard from friends and family...

                 HOW DO YOU CLEAN THOSE THINGS? 



Amanda Wucher-Aller and Kristin Ward began A Happy Green Life in 2012 with the goal of making living green in the modern world simplier.  They started the company after searching for safe and gentle solutions to cleaning cloth diapers, but extended their research for a product that would work on both their husbands professional clothing as well.  Daddy Ward is chef and Daddy Aller is in the military.   A Happy Green Life is able to get out not only baby poo, but intense food stains and still follow strict regulations of washing ACU's.


When we began considering to cloth diaper we did a lot of research.  One of the most important things we needed to know was how were we going to get poo out of our cloth diapers and how would we ensure that they didn't stain, smell, or stop absorbing.  We are super excited to say that over the past three months A Happy Green Life has been our go to detergent to prep and clean our diapers.  We were sent "Monkey Farts" laundry wash to sample and fell in love at first scent.  During prepping and cleaning with A Happy Green Life we have NEVER had a stain in our diapers and have continued to purchase A Happy Green Life for not only our cloth diaper/wipe laundering, but all our laundry needs. 

The second item we were sent to review was "Baby Bee" natural wipe solution.  Not only do we use cloth diapers, but we're also using cloth wipes.  We find it easiest for diaper changes to keep a small spray bottle filled with wipe solution in the front pocket of the wetbag with dry cloths.  Whenever we change her we spray her bum and wipe.  Sometimes I spray the wipe and then her bum. Either way, she has the best smelling bum! 



*Scent Selection- With 50+ scents and seasonal options as well, there is a favorite for every family and preference.
*All natural
*Cost-Their natural laundry wash is $10.00 for a 50 load bag. Averaging $0.20 per load. Leading national brands costs upwards of $0.25 to $0.40 per load. 

A Happy Green Life can be purchased by clicking HERE

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  1. The scents all sound so good! I would probably choose Baby Bee because I love fruity smells!

  2. i have the monkey farts and love it, would keep that scent

  3. We'd probably go with the oatmeal, milk and honey or the fresh & clean. Thanks for the giveaway :) Congrats on your new addition!

  4. Maybe vanilla sugar, though I'd love an unscented version.

  5. I think I'd pick baby bee - so many sound great!