Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And the gender is....

While many of our friends in Cleveland found out the gender when we found out.  My sister and I decided to make family wait until we could both arrive in town. On July 21st, Larisha and I held our gender reveal party with our family in West Virginia.  Mind you I had been holding back the news from my parents and family for eight weeks and my sister kept her secret for three.  I don't do secrets well and I'm not sure how I managed to keep for so long.  But, I did and so did my five and six year old daughters, even with bribes of presents and gifts. 

Well almost.  The shower was on Saturday and both my sister and I drove into town on Friday to begin preparing for the big day.  My sister arrived first and once we pulled into my mother's driveway, I reminded my two oldest girls to keep the secret for just more day.  I told the girls not to listen to any bribes or promises of new toys and they agreed.  We walked into my mother's house and gave hugs and kisses. My mother began to rub my belly and asked if "it" was kicking.  I responded, "no, she's not kicking." (Immediate flow of tears)

I could've kicked my own butt that day, if only time could rewind for thirty seconds.  I mean really, eight weeks of keeping a secret and within five minutes of being with my mother I spilled it!

The girls had been playing in their room and didn't realize that I had spilled the secret and Jazzalyn, my oldest comes out and says mom, "I've been thinking and I can't hold this secret past one o'clock tomorrow."  I told her that I had spilled the secret and it was ok to talk to Nana about it.

Then, my husband commented, "I didn't know I needed to bribe you to keep the secret?"
Even after my slip up, the big day FINALLY arrived.  Here are some of the things we did:

Gender voting- my sister took a facebook poll to find out predictions from friends and family.
Gender pop- pink confetti inside balloons
Gender cake- pink food coloring inside the cake mix- (Be sure to use white cake mix and not yellow or butter.  My pink was slightly tinted orange.  Oops!)

  And the verdict is...

We are BOTH having a girl!

At the shower, one of my great friends told me of an idea that her son and daughter in law did for their gender reveal.  They asked not to be told the gender at the ultrasound, but for the gender to be posted on the sonogram photos.  After the ultrasound they sent the photos to the bakery and asked that the baker create a cake according to gender.  So the day of the gender reveal, NO ONE, not even the parents knew the gender of the baby!  How exciting!
Need more ideas- There are many other things you could do at a gender reveal party.  Here are some other ideas I found:
Create teams and have players wear colored buttons
Write name under choice gender
Use bows instead of buttons
Use lips and mustaches
Who doesn't love chocolate
Color the punch
Release helium balloons

 I found so many fun cakes, cupcakes and cake pop ideas when researching

My favorite- This was our inspiration for our cake!

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