Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter and Number Recognition

My 5 year old is getting ready for kindergarten and I wanted to ensure that she was prepared and check some of her learning benchmarks.  An important concept to be ready for kindergarten is letter and number recognition.  I put together a fun, hands on game that she could pull off the bookshelf at any time to practice her letters.  Here is how we made the pieces:

First, start a collection of lids from water bottles.  I kept a ziploc baggie by the recycling bin, so that as people threw away their water bottle, they could put their lid into the bag.  Once you have 26 you can move on to the next step.   
Second, add letters or numbers to the top of the cap. 

The first time I tried I used a permenant marker and although it worked, it wasn't the best.  I redid the lids and my daughter told me they were much easier to read. 

The second time I created this activity, I used stickers that I found in Target's dollar isle.  Each sticker package has 4 sheets and each sheet has all 26 letters with a few letters having extra and numbers zero through nine. 

 Here is how the number caps turned out. 

Here are how the alphabet caps turned out.  

Check back to learn how to use the number and alphabet caps to increase number and letter recognition. 

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