Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready to POP!

Every baby shower must have a theme.  My sister and I are both pregnant with girls and after much debate and contemplation we decided to throw a shower together and make the theme: Ready to POP!
We had a POPcorn bar with multiple flavors of popcorn that we served in paper cones.  We found hundreds of recipes online and eventually came up with four that we were in love with.  As we began to prepare the different flavors, we realized the recipes sounded much better than they tasted and decided to head to the store and buy some prepackaged white cheddar, cheddar, butter, and kettle corn.  My sister also wrote up a blog post about how to make the cones.  Check it out here:
 We had POPcorn chicken that we purchased from the deli at WalMart
 POPable meatballs made from my aunts famous family recipe (secret ingredient- grape jelly).
 Pizza POPS-
POPpy seed ham and cheese sliders-
We had to change up the recipe slightly based on the grocery store we shopped.  We switched out hawaiian rolls for potato rolls and virginia ham for black forest ham.  They were still absolutely amazing!  We also decreased the butter from 3/4 of a cup to 1/2 a cup. 
We made cherry and apple POPtarts.
 We made chocolate dipped oreo POPs:

 My brother in law made an amazing Fruit cradle bowl in POPable size pieces. 
 Yummy Blow POPs and Tootsie POPS
This was supper easy but we had to run out to the store twice to buy more POPs because we didn't purchase enough to start with.  We found a plain white flower pot that we added special ordered Ready to Pop stickers with our shower date.  Then we placed a round styrofoam ball on top and began to stick lollipops on the inside.  The ribbons around the bottom were handmade from wrapping ribbon and then curled with scissors.   This was super easy, the kids even helped!

We also made sure that there were lots and lots of balloons and bubbles to POP!

What kinds of things would you have added to a Ready to Pop shower theme?

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