Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby Shower Blogger Opportunity

Heather from This Girl’s No Expert’s sister, Jennifer Savino is expecting and she's throwing an online baby shower.  Jennifer has a 14 month old son and a baby girl due in approximately 8 weeks. Her son was born 5 weeks early, so we are praying baby girl (name is a secret) will hold out at least another 6 weeks or more! In any case we are surprising her by throwing her an Online Baby Shower Giveaway! Here’s How It Works for the Sponsors: Sponsors are companies and people that have (or will) agree to donate 2 of the same items towards the giveaway event. One for my sister’s baby and one for our lucky winner! These items need to be for an newborn, infant and/or baby girl in nature. Both items will be mailed to me and I will send 2 big packages – one to my sister and one to the winner of all of the donated items! Sponsor will receive 1 Free Facebook Link, 1 Free Twitter Follow Link and have their website linked to the giveaway post! Winner Takes ALL!

Details about the Giveaway for our Bloggers:

You MUST POST ON YOUR BLOG, letting everyone know about the It’s A Girl Baby Shower Event Free Sign Ups and let them know where to sign up! If you aren’t planning on posting and didn’t pay the $5, please don’t sign up for this giveaway. If you choose not to post about sign ups you must pay $5 to via PayPal Event will run from September 15, 2012 – September 22, 2012 WORLDWIDE Free Facebook Fan Page Link $1 Twitter Follow Link (send payment to via PayPal – gift) Don’t have a blog but want to join? The Fee is $20 which includes your Free Facebook Fan Page Link and a Free Twitter Follow Link – but no need to promote the giveaway. Proceeds from this option will be used to buy diapers and wipes and things that will certainly be needed when the baby arrives!

Co-Hosting Opp for Bloggers:

Your blog will be linked to the giveaway and you will be listed as a co-host if you donate $10 or more, whatever you feel is appropriate for your current financial situation, which will used to buy diapers, wipes and any other items she needs but didn’t get! You will also get your twitter follow link for free. If you are interested in doing this, please fill out the signup form and then email me at once you have paid your donation amount via PayPal to You will then be added as a co-host and make sure your link is on the giveaway page.

Sign Ups End 9/11/2012


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