Monday, September 10, 2012

Number Recognition or Number Reversal Activity

This weekend we took the time to get in a little number practice.  Oliviana is working with number recognition, specifically having trouble with her 6 and 9 and Jazzalyn still has lots of number reversals 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 9. 
 Rather than practice with pencil and paper we decided to take it a little more of a tactile direction and get our sense of touch involved.  For this activity we would need two plates, one for each girl, a can of shaving cream, and our jar of numbers

 The first thing we did was to put a small about of shaving cream on the plate.  The amount should be about the size of a quarter. 

 Once the shaving cream is on the plate, you can then pull a number out of the jar.  Look at the number.  Say the number out loud.  Then trace that number into the shaving cream.  Look back at the number inside the cap. Look at the number on the plate.  Do they look the same?  If so, set the number cap aside, wipe through your shaving cream and go again. 

 Once the girls had a chance to play around for awhile I put in front of them only the numbers they were struggling with and had them practice only those. 

 Jazzalyn found a paintbrush was also fun writing instrument to use in the shaving cream.  Feel free to use a paintbrush or your finger. Both work great.  

Learning can be fun!  Make your childs' education enjoyable!


  1. That looks so fun! Kudos for creative learning. =)

  2. It's always great to have FUN while learning! :-)

  3. Fun creative learning at its best!

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  4. I wish the school system would get this clue!

    1. Natasha, I've done this in my classroom before too! I was actually reminded of the idea by my daughters' kindergarten teacher!

  5. Thats a really cute idea...thanks for sharing. Julieann r

  6. What a creative way to learn, more early education schools, should try something like this!