Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marengo Luxury Spa Review

For those of you Cleveland area mother's and mother's to be that are exhausted beyond belief, I have found your new relaxation location. They are ready and waiting to serve you.  I had the pleasure of experiencing Marengo Luxury Spa.  In downtown Cleveland, located between 4th and Euclid Ave., there is the beautiful Arcade and inside is a taste of heaven awaiting your arrival.  This could very well be a step above a luxury spa, even considered to be the ultimate spa indulgence.  I found Marengo Luxury Spa offers a unique combination of luxurious services whereby you can be physically rejuvenated, soothingly pampered and spiritually renewed. I had planned for me a prenatal massage and a pedicure.  Let me tell you more...
 My husband dropped me off at The Arcade just before 11 am.   
 I walked past the lovely man shiny shoes.
Everytime I walk into this building it takes my breath away.  This has to be the best location for a relaxing getaway.  Which is what I was about to receive. 

Off the main floor and to the right awaited my destination. 

 There it was, Marengo Luxury Spa!
I walked into the door and was greeted, they took my name and I was introduced to my new best friend.  For the next fifty minutes, Kimberly was going to make me forget I had even considered being a stay at home mom, with school age kids, could ever be a bad thing!   She guided me back where I could slip out of my jeans and into my robe. Once undressed, she showed me our room and explained the procedures.  Being as though I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy, I would be lying on my back and sides throughout the procedure.  This specialized massage is recommended for the second and third trimester to assist in relieving lower back pain, water retention, sciatica, or just because by this point in your pregnancy your deserve it! When we finished Kimberly had a glass of ice water waiting and an elegant dessert bar that displayed various cookies, trail mixes, and snack bars.  I changed out of my robe and back into my jeans for pamper me session round 2.  With my chocolate cookie on plate, Kathy showed me out to the massage chair for my pedicure.  (Although after the amazing work just performed, who needed a massage chair!)

Everything in the space was elegant and relaxing.  It was truely refreshing to every sense. 

 A second refreshment bar is in the main area.  I love how everything about Marengo Luxury Spa is taken to the next level of sophistication!

 You know the color chosen for the pedicure had to be PINK!
Thank you so much to Monique, Kimberly, and Kathy for the amazing experience.  I believe this will have to be my new baby shower gift!  Truely an experience every expecting mother needs to have. 
Check out Marengo Luxury Spa inside The Arcade in Downtown Cleveland, OH
Call today to set up your appointment: (216)621-4600

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