Friday, September 28, 2012

Number Reversals (continued)

Number Reversals Treatment Plan-

Well, we had our well visit to the pediatrician and we brought up the issue of number reversals.  In case you haven't read the previous article, "Dyslexia or Vision Problems, Why Does my Daughter Reverse her Numbers."  Our six year old daughter, who is in second grade, is reversing the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9.  Although she has always done it, it was brushed off as something developmental that she would grow out of.  My problem now is that if untreated and still occurring in third grade, research indicates it could be something more severe.  So I discussed with the pediatrician many of the interventions that we had previously implemented and in a few cases are still currently implementing. 

Interventions past and present-

Give specific attention to the distinctive features of a letter/number:
• model correct letter/number formation- show your child how to make the number correctly.
• highlight the distinctive features through
              verbal cues- using words to describe such as; starting at the top, starting at the dotted lines, right, left, curve, around, back
              visual cues-place a letter/number line on students’ desk, homework folder, and even post one in the room and encourage students to check their work- My daughter knows the numbers she struggles with and will look back to the folder as she completes her assignments to ensure accuracy. 
             kinesthetic cues- standing up, use glow sticks, a princess wand, or even a ribbon to draw the numbers in the air

             tactile cues- use shaving cream or create raised number cards
• verbally label the distinctive features
• point out the similarities and differences between letters or numbers and have students note these by: pointing, tracing, coloring, reconstructing
• provide quick feedback to students to reinforce accurate formation and correct inaccurate formation-Be sure to sit with them while they are work to comment immediately.  It will be less effective to discuss the reversal next week. 

Our Plan
We have decided to work with a pediatric occupational therapist on a weekly basis and see if there are any strategies that they are able to come up with that we have not considered, or even if simply working with someone different than mom will help!  I'll be sure to update you in a few months on how things are developing!


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