Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Elska CD Giveaway 10/9-10/23- CLOSED

Anyone interested in taking a journey to  The Island of Elska?  We don't need passport.  We don't even need to pack a bag  What we do need is our imagination and readiness to explore another world. Elskas debut album, Middle of Nowhere, was released on September 4 on Winter Bear Records. 
The CD has a fictional character named Elska who is a modern pioneer that lives on this newly formed Arctic island. Every song transports us to Elskas isle.  The fun and adventures are neverending excitement everytime you press play. 
Our personal favorite is "Don't Make Fun of the Goobler."  It reminds us to be kind to everyone, even despite their differences. 
No matter if it's a rainy day or you just have a some spare time, if you're ready to take a journey, you must check out Elska's debut album, Middle of Nowhere. 
BUY IT- $14.98
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  1. I really like the Read & Sing one, Looks cute, http://www.happalmer.com/Files/Read%20and%20Sing.html