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Let's Grow- A Life Cycle Game Giveaway 10/6-10/21- CLOSED

We recently had the opportunity to work with Montessori Services.  I love finding new experiences to increase my daughters' content knowledge and also new resources for friends in the education field.  I came across Let's Grow- A Life Cycle Game by Learning Resources.  The game is recommended for ages 4-7 and is for 2-4 players. 
Some of the learning features I love is that children are able to choose between a butterfly, chicken, plant, or frog puzzle.  They must then collect four tiles to complete the life cycle. I really like that is shows four very different life cycles so that children are able to see that sometimes life begins as a seed and sometimes life begins as an egg. 

Some stages (the caterpillar stage of a butterfly, for example) will be familiar to young children. The box has good picture clues to help with less familiar stages — a plant seed is underground, the frog’s eggs are in a pond. The artwork is bright and very clear.  Obvious differences between the four living things make this is an unusually good learning game.

The game offers multiple options.  For younger children, there is an option to play with the picture-side up; for older children they can use their memories by playing concentration-style, with the cardboard tiles face down.

The directions were easy for the girls to understand.  Each child receives a pawn and a life cycle board.  On your turn, spin the spinner and move the correct number spaces.   Each life cycle stage is a different color.  When you land in one of the stages, you turn over one card (unless you land on Pick 2) if it matches yours, you place it into your life cycle puzzle.  If it does not match yours, you turn it back over and your turn ends.  The game continues until one person completes their entire puzzle.

I loved landing on a cycle and choosing pieces that didn't belong to the board we were trying to fill. We had many laughs when someone with a plant would turn over an egg.  I'd ask, does a flower start from an egg and we'd all laugh, "NOOO." 

We had a lot of fun playing and learning through, Let's Grow- A Life Cycle Game.  But, this is only one of the many, many resources available through Montessori Services

Since 1976, Montessori Services has focused on bringing hard-to-find, child-size Practical Life materials into the classroom. Although our School Catalog focus has expanded to include materials across the curriculum, materials for the exercises of Practical Life remain our specialty.

Founded in Pennsylvania by Jane Mills Campbell, an AMI-trained Primary Montessori teacher, the original Montessori Services School Catalog was created with a simple goal: make it easy and cost-effective to find the specialized items used in the Montessori classroom.

In 2004 our family resource catalog was created at the request of Montessori teachers. For Small Hands gives parents access to many of the same child-size items children use at school, enabling children to participate in the home environment with the same ease and success they enjoy in the classroom.

Jane’s “kitchen table” business grew steadily, moving cross-country by school bus (yes, by school bus) to the Campbell’s California garage, from the garage to a small storefront, and eventually to our current location in downtown Santa Rosa, about one hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Get Directions to our showroom.

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