Sunday, October 7, 2012

Read and Sing w/ Hap Palmer Review/Giveaway 10/7-10/22- CLOSED

My daughters love to read.  But, this week it seems I've been having contractions stronger and stronger at bedtime.  Without wanting to give up the tradition of reading at bedtime, I decided to put on Hap Palmer's new Read and Sing DVD.  The girls still have a picture book to look at (watch) and I can breath through contractions! 
This is a musical picture book that combines song lyrics with audio recordings,  It presents twelve of  Hap Palmer's favorites with imaginative illustrations and colorful photographs.  Each story is designed to motivate children to read and sing. This DVD is made up of individual illustrations and photo- graphs that bring to life the ideas and stories of each song. This format makes it easier for children to read and sing the words. The steady illustrations help new readers focus on text, identify sight words, and start to read new vocabulary. Ages 4 to 9.
One of the things I loved when looking into Hap Palmer is that he shows how to create teaching aids to go along with his CD's and DVD's.  On his website: he desribes how to make scarves, hoops, rhythm instruments, bean bags, and spiders. 
This DVD is a wonderful addition to any home or classroom library. 
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