Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to School-Where to shop

I never have the patience to cut out coupons, but I do love a good deal.  This week as I was flipping through sales ads, here are some deals you must know about. 

The best for supplies was Staples.  Here are some of the sales they have going on-
500 pkg. of printer paper- $1.00
4 pk. Bic Dry Erase Markers- $1.00
5 pk. Black Sharpie Markers- $1.00
10 pk. Crayola Markers- $0.75
120 sheet pkg. lined notebook paper- $0.01

WalMart had a few good deals
Composition Books $0.50
2 pk Elmers Glue Sticks or Liquid Glue- $0.50

The best for uniforms was Old Navy (through 8/15)
All polo shirts $5.00
All Khaki's $10.00

Sears carries Docker's products and are comparible prices to Old Navy. 
All items appear to be 50% off or more, Sweaters, Jumpers, Pleated Skirts- All under $14.99

 The Children's Place has 25% off Uniforms

WalMart has 3 and 4 packs of shirts that come to a few cents cheaper than Old Navy, but Old Navy has a better deal on Khaki's

Also keep in mind other moms and consignment shops when searching for uniforms. 


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