Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SAHM in Cleveland

Being a mommy has always been my dream.  Yet if you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) I would have laughed and put my head back in the books.  After high school, I headed straight to college and seven years later left with four degrees.  I even had a job lined up before graduation.  My husband and I moved back to my hometown in WV and I began my professional career in education.  Four years later my husband was able to land a position inside the Cleveland housing market and we packed it all up.  When we arrived in Cleveland, I had a slight stint at pursuing a new career. It became my first experience as a SAHM. I stayed at home with our three year old and we did Mommy and me activities all day.  Last year, she headed to preschool and I decided I'd head back to work also.   With both girls in school, I went back to teaching.  Although I love to teach, when we found out we were pregnant with number three, we decided that I'd officially receive my dream position again.  There may not be an actual salary obtained with a career as a SAHM, but according to Salary.com if paid, SAHM's should earn $112,962 for a 94.7 hour work week. 

If Daddy ever decided to fire me he would have to hire a nanny, a chief economic officer, a daycare teacher, a van driver, a cook, a janitor, a psychologist, a laundry-machine operator, a computer operator I, facilities manager, and the list continues.  I'm confident in my new career that I'm not about to be fired.  I am absolutely in love with being a Mommy and taking care of my family, and yet I am constantly asked or hear the comments...

How can you afford to stay at home?

Don't you feel your degrees are a waste?

I would love to stay at home, but we can't afford it (and together make more than my husband?!)

I have no regrets of being a SAHM mom.  I don't know how long I'll be able to pursue this dream career, but I consider myself blessed everyday I am allowed to wake up and WORK for my family.


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