Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crayon Art

Crayon Art

Ever wonder what to do with all those broken crayons?  Turn your old crayons into art. 
Materials needed- crayons, wax paper, scissors, iron, sheet or pillowcase

Lay out a pillowcase.  On top of the pillowcase lay the first sheet of wax paper about 12x12".  Take off the paper from the crayons and grab the scissors.  Shave the crayon at an angle until you have a pile of shavings. Once you have a small pile of crayon shavings lay a second 12x12" sheet of wax paper on top.  
Once you place the second sheet of wax paper on top of the crayon shavings, gently glide the iron over the paper.  The crayon wax will melt and colors will combine.  (Excellent color mixing activity)
We then cut ours into heart shapes and hung them in the windows!
Note:  Some of the wax will melt through the wax paper, be sure to lay something underneath. 

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