Monday, August 20, 2012

Tooth Fairy Traditions

A double visit from The Tooth Fairy?  That is what happened this week in our house.  Our five year old lost her first tooth and our six year old lost tooth number seven. 

The first tooth was lost this week when we pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store.  Oliviana had just ate a Bacon Burger from Burger King and said, "uh MOM!"  That is usually never a good line out of her.  She then opened her mouth and wiggled her tooth with her finger.  The tooth was so loose that it laid flat down.  I said, "Oliviana pull that tooth out."  She gave me her giant scared eye look and with a little pull, out it plopped. 

Jazzalyn tried all day to wiggle her tooth free so The Tooth Fairy would visit her too, but with no luck.  Only one visit on this night.  Two days later however as we are eating breakfast, I hear the same line again, "uh MOM."  I turned to Jazzalyn as she says, "my tooth is in my waffle." This girl lets her tooth become so loose, I swear one day she's going to swallow it. 

When one of our daughters looses a tooth it has become tradition that The Tooth Fairy leaves the dollar amount of the number tooth lost.  Oliviana lost tooth number 1 and The Tooth Fairy left a dollar under her pillow.  Jazzalyn lost tooth number seven and The Tooth Fairy left seven dollars.  Along with the money, The Tooth Fairy also leaves a personal note with congratulations and reminders to brush morning and night!   

What does The Tooth Fairy do when she visits your house?


  1. I can't wait to start the Tooth Fairy tradition with my daughter! I remember my mom making it so exciting when I was younger. I would look forward to waking up to a special surprise each time I lost a tooth.

  2. I love doing the Tooth Fairy with my kiddos. Normally the TF leaves a dollar in our house.